Completely agree. The GP venues were clearly British club circuit stand-ins and were nowhere near wide enough. Plus too much of the camera work was close-up in an attempt to mitigate location and speed issues. For me the racing scenes were the least convincing part of what was I thought a pretty decent evenings… » 11/03/14 2:20pm 11/03/14 2:20pm

Somewhere in a Ford skunk works warehouse in deepest Essex there is a RWD Escort Cosworth with the 2.9 V6 24 valve Cosworth engine in, that Ford was toying with putting into production. Car magazine ran a feature on some factory prototypes some time ago and they drove it. » 9/28/14 8:15pm 9/28/14 8:15pm

Funnily enough there was a documentary on the BBC some back about the RAF C17s, and I remember one of the flight crew saying that they "had a suite of counter-measures and were very well protected" but was not willing to go into detail about them (I'm paraphrasing from memory). » 9/27/14 8:54pm 9/27/14 8:54pm

It's unlikely that will the technology will take off in quite that way. 3D modelling to the required tolerances for this is incredibly time consuming, requires specialist software and is not something that the layman (or even the enthusiastic amateur) would currently be able to achieve. » 9/22/14 8:33pm 9/22/14 8:33pm